Spore Creature Editor

An editor for creating highly customized creatures that you can use in the game Spore


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  • Program license Trial version
  • Size 215.66 MB
  • Works under: Windows Vista
  • Program available in English
  • Program by EA

Spore is the opus magnum from video game auteur and long time Maxis game designer, Will Wright.

The game itself sees you design a single celled organism and take it all the way through the stages of evolution right up to controlling a space faring civilization. The game has been in development for many years and promises a vast scope that many have been skeptical of. Whilst Will Wright may be the mind behind such Maxis triumphs as Sim City and The Sims which let you control the fate of an entire city and the day to day lives of your own created families respectively, some people suggest that the grand ideas of Spore may be hard to accomplish.

Whatever happens with the final release though we are sure to be greeted with the same charming level of detail that Will Wright instills all of his projects with. Whether the grandiose idea of controlling the evolution of life actually comes off, I'm sure Wright will create an engaging and compelling life sim, city builder and space strategy game rolled into one.

A big part of the game will be the creature editor which you get here as a discreet package. Whilst it lacks the overall 'game' elements of the finished product it does let you get an idea of the level of customisation that will be possible. There's a huge amount of options when it comes to creating your creatures and a vast array of body parts that you can fit it out with. Whether you're creating a ferocious hunter or a mild mannered herbivore you can be sure that your creation will be unique and that no two creatures will ever emerge alike.

The main drawback with the demo here is that it shows a lot of potential but without the final product it's hard to become invested in your creations. We love tinkering with all the different body parts and creating outlandish monsters but without being able to send them forth into our own digital world it's missing some direction.


  • Charming Visuals
  • Intricate Design Options
  • Gets You Hyped for the Game


  • Lacks Agency Without the Full Game
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